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Long Term Care

We are breaking the old traditions and making new pathways. Residents are treated with consideration, respect, dignity,     freedom and the ability to continue making choices about their lifestyle. It is our ultimate goal to enhance health and emotional stability. We are a facility that will focus on creating memories and helping the communities.

Dining Services

  • Three meals provided with alternate choices available.

  • You may have food brought in or out of the facility.

  • Help yourself to a snack of popcorn or ice cream in the snack area.

  • There is a snack cart with a variety of items available throughout the day and night.

Social Gatherings

  • We have comfortable sitting and dining areas.

  • We will provide coffee or tea for your family or social get-together.

  • We have dining/social areas available for your private family get-togethers or entertaining.


  • Whirlpool bathing or sit in showers.

  • Residents are not limited to the facility and often go out of the facility on activities such as van rides and out door visits

  • Activities are going on throughout the day, which range from music to crafts and games.

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Special Services


Burwell CMHC’s goal is to help people live life to the fullest. This means we offer specials services to help not only our residents but community members as well.


*Adult Day Care

This is care and services provided for adults by the hour.


*Respite Care

This is care and services by the day for adults to allow care takers a reprieve for 1 to 3 days.


*Hospice Care

Care given by a Hospice Provider which helps families and residents with end of life decisions and care.


*Outpatient Bathing

Whirlpool bathing available to community members for a small fee Monday-Friday.


*Transportation Services

Scheduled Monday-Friday.

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